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Peoples who Redefined the Innovations....
MALLET TECHNOLOGY PVT. LTD. - a well established fruitfully configured Service Network...That's what we call ourselves, We welcomes you to Explore the Technology Which is Optimized and Innovated, Where Nothing matters than We and You…! We are always applying highly sophisticated technology for the Process of reliable and quality assured services. A young Dynamic Management with the Vision to change the traditional trends always welcomes you to enjoy our services.

A revolutionary innovation by some Dynamic Minds. We assure that you will always be happy for choosing our services. Here at Mallet Technology, we used to run towards matching high level standardization in facilities, in services and in customer satisfactions. We are committed to provide good relationships, the best ever services and the super most technology to our clients. Leaving behind the milestones of excellence and innovations, we will run towards perfection in thought and in practice and further to develop a distinct brand name through our cultural and see through policies.

Located at Vadodara(Gujarat) and established in the year of 2016 we welcomes you to the world of redfined innovations.
· Electrical & instrumentation
· Retrofitting & Up gradation
· Errection & Commissioning
· Maintenance Contracts
· Software Development
· Civil & Fabrication
. Calibration
. Validation
. Projects
We are providing highly sophisticated Calibration facilities in the fields of Electrical, Mechanical and Thermal parameters. Each and every Calibrations performed are backed up with National/International Traceable Reference Standards which further involves highly expertised workman ships.
Along with the highly standardized Calibration facilities, We also offer accurate Validation services for Temperature and Relative Humidity. Let it be an Autoclave, a Cold room, an Incubator Or even a Ware House... We have a solution to find out your temperature/Rh distributions.
With an experianced feild force that is increasing rapidly, we can assure you the best of service for your industrial requirements like EMS/BMS Installation, commissioning & operations, Maintenance Contracts, Industrial Automations, Plant operations, Green Feild Projects.

• AC/DC Voltage from 0-1000V 
• AC/DC Current From 0-1000A 
• Resistance 
• Frequency 
• Capacitance 
• Power/Energy 
• Time 
• Acoustic 
• Luminous intensity


• Length/Angle 
• Mass 
• Flatness 
• Volume 
• Density 
• Pressure / Vacuum 
• Speed 
• Torque
• Pirani / MKS Gauges


• Temperature ( –196 to 1200 Deg C )  
 • Relative Humidity 
• Dew Point 
• Non Contact Temperature
 Thermal Validations

• Autoclaves 
• ColdRooms
• Incubators/Ovens 
• Storage Cubicles 
• Warehouses 
• Water baths 
• Stability Chambers 
• Refrigerators / Deep Freezers 
• Industrial Furnaces 
 HVAC Validations

• HEPA Filter Testing  
• Particle Counts 
• Air Velocity 
• Area Recovery
• Room balancing
• DP monitoring
• Air Changes
 Software Validations

• PLC Qualification
• HMI Qualification
• SCADA Qualification
• IO varifications
• Software validation & certification
High Vacuum Caibration
We introduces First of its Kind, On-site High Vacuum Calibrations for Pirani and MKS gauges.
Up to the range of 10e-5 mbar vacuum.
Highly portable Calibrator developed by our own expertise fitted with a power house of Edwards rotary vane pump and advanced HMI controll including Thyracont super accurate manometer.
Paper less Calibration
While the technology advances we move ahead of it...
The tradition of Raw data and printed Certificates are no more new to us since we have developed our own automated system of Calibrations & Validations.
With a handheld electronic device with Bar code scanning and printing, we perform all our activites online without a single piece of paper and pen. 
Electronic Certification
Why you wait for days to receive your certificate when you have the option for downloading it on your PC...
Electronically authorized certificates of calibration and validation are availlable in your online storage immediately after completion of activity.
Each certificate along with its traceability can be downloaded at any time any where.
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